About MGS

Jerry Sparks, Founder, Owner and Lead Cartographer/GIS Consultant of Mojave Geospatial Solutions (MGS), is involved in every aspect of the projects cycle, from start to finish. Having been fascinated with maps since childhood, to completing a Masters in GIS, he has made it his life's work in creating high quality custom maps and providing knowledgeable GIS analysis to your business. 

Mojave Geospatial Solutions (MGS) is a full-service Geographic Information Systems (GIS)consulting firm offering a wide range of services, including GIS Needs Assessment, and GIS Modeling and Analysis & Custom Cartography. 

Having a full range of geospatial data analysis capability, Mojave Geospatial Solutions (MGS) can provide users an analytical view of multiple layers of data that are linked to a client's specific business needs. This ability to view and analyze data spatially allows users to compare alternative scenarios, see potential impacts at a glance, develop solutions, and make decisions that would not be possible using tabular data and paper maps. 

A map is the end product of GIS, but the process of map creation yields  valuable solutions to multiple problems.