Mojave Geospatial Sloutions


Custom Interactive Cartography

Mojave Geospatial Solutions offers high quality, custom, easy to use maps. Maps can be delivered as vector files for those who wish to use the map file in Adobe Illustrator. 

Applications & Industries

  • Demographic Mapping
  • Engineering/Natural Resource Management
  • Urban Planning/Land use
  • Municipal Water & Wastewater
  • Construction 
  • Mining Facilities 
  • Conservation 


GIS Consulting & GIS Analytic Services

Mojave Geospatial Solutions is a full-service GIS firm offering a wide range of services including: Implementation of GIS Software, Expansion of current GIS Software, Training on new or current GIS Software, GIS Needs Assessment, and GIS Modelling & Analysis

Applications  & Industries 

  • Demographic Analysis 
  • Data Collection/Conversion/Migration
  • Spatial Data Maintenance & creation
  • Urban Planning:Parcel, Zoning, Land Use & Transportation Networks 
  • Water/Wastewater
  • Utilities & communcations
  • Public Safety/Disaster Management 
  • Real Property/Tax Parcels